Dirtbike Online Academy (DOA) - A new global and online school for all the dirtbike sports created by Eythor Reynisson in Iceland. Let's be Inspired by Iceland.

Hjörtur L. Jónsson
Dirtbike Online Academy (DOA), Iceland. A new global online school for all the dirtbike sports. The best and most promising Icelandic motocross driver opens a website where he teaches others how to ride motocross.

What is Dirtbike Online Academy (DOA)?
The DOA is the worlds first online Dirtbike school and you can take part via the website dirtbikeoa.com. It’s created by Eythor Reynisson, the best and most promising Icelandic motocross driver. Here he teaches others how to ride motocross.

So it’s definitly an opportunity to be “Inspired By Iceland”. It‘s not just one teacher taking care of all of the coaching. It‘s a platform, and you have many coaches teaching variable dirtbike sports or multiple coaches teaching the same sport like motocross, and you can get different aspects from each coach teaching the same sport.

Like Eythor Reynisson 8 time Icelandic motocross champion and the founder of the DOA said, there is not just one secret recipe of coaching, you have some fundamental points, but still, there is not one style that works for everyone, even every PRO rider has a different style, and after working with over 15 different coaches over my career,

Hjörtur L. Jónsson and Eythor Raynisson says: I discovered that I learned something new from every single coach. I could perfect my technique more each time. Every single coach teaches how they learned and what was the most effective for them, some of if it will work for you and some of it won’t.

How does the DOAwork?
You go onto the website dirtbikeoa.com to access the school. The DOA will sign in new coaches every month. Next coach will join the DOA 1 of April, then 1 of May and so on. If you sign in you, get access to every coach in the academy, and all of the payments work with subscription monthly or annually paid. With joining in, you also geta personalized training plan.

What is on the website at the moment?
At the moment, there is Eythor Reynisson course total of 7 hours of coaching content switch up to 6 chapters, kids class, beginner class, novice rider class, pro rider class, parenting involvement and career overview. There are also segments like weekly questions and training plan.

How much does it cost?
The DOA starts at 24,90 pounds a month. The only difference in pricing is how you switch up your payments, you have 3 options, but you get access to all of the content with every plan.
– 24,90 a month, billed yearly, a one-off payment of 299 pounds for the year.
– 33 pounds a month, billed monthly in a 1year + contract
– 79 pounds a month, billed monthly with a subscription that you can end at any time.

If you want to read more, go onto the website dirtbikeoa.com or watch this DOA video explanation.

Hjörtur L. Jónsson

Enjoy more from Iceland, or to drive motorbike in Iceland:
Come and join me! Les her om en annen tur rundt Island med Hjörtur L. Jónsson. 

If you are dreaming about, or planning, a motorbike ride around Iceland you can get in contact with Hjörtur L. Jónsson via: Hjörtur L. Jónsson, Ásgarði 53, 108 Reykjavík and mobile number +354-694 9097.

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